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Yogurt for everyone

Fresh Yoghurt currently sold in two flavours (vanilla and strawberry). The yoghurt is available in 300ml Cups, 420mls cups, 1 Litre gallons, 2 Litre Gallons and 4.6 litre gallons.

All flavours

Strawberry & Vanilla

Strawberry /meat pie

Vanilla /spring rolls

Tasty pastries

Our Pastries include meat bread, meat pie, spring rolls, and pancakes. Danish rolls, cake- in- a- cup and doughnuts.

Our tasty Spring rolls compliments both yogurt flavors
Danish Rolls
Our tasty Danish Rolls goes best with strawberry yogurt
Meat pie
Our tasty Meat pie compliments both yogurt flavors
You can never go wrong with our tasty Doughnut and yogurt combo
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