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We are located in Kumasi and Accra.

Kumasi Outlets

In Kumasi find us at KNUST Campus and environs

University Hospital Road
Commercial Area
Faculty of Agriculture
Queens Hall
SG Mall
Engineering Department
KNUST School of Business
School of Medicine and Dentistry
GRASSAG Hostel/Brunei
Gasto Pharmacy (Afrifa Junction Ayeduase)
College of Health Sciences (Boadi- Site)
Kentinkrono Goil (Si Podemus)

Other locations in Kumasi

Adum near Opoku Trading

Accra Outlets

In Accra find us at

Pantang near the General Hospital

and Coming soon to a location near you!

KNUST Campus - Commercial Area Outlet

KNUST Campus - Faculty of Agriculture

KNUST - University Hospital Road

KNUST Library

KNUST - Queens Hall

Accra - Pantang Near General Hospital

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